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Adding Extensions

Learn how to track and charge for your hair extensions, so every cost is covered!

Q: What are the benefits to adding extensions to your SalonScale account?

A: Extensions can be a very costly service in a salon so you need to ensure you are properly charging for them. Now you can add extensions to a SalonScale ticket and charge confidently. Whether you want to charge per pack of hair or per extension, rest assured that you are profitable. This tool is also great to upsell a service to a client that needs a few pieces of hair but does not want to invest in an entire pack of extensions. By tracking the amount of extensions you have added to their hair, you have the ability to only charge them for the amount of hair used. We strongly recommend adding a  25% markup as we know hair extensions are expensive to purchase as well as any education/certification to perform this service. These certifications can range from $400-$5000 so you need to ensure you are profiting from providing this luxury service. 

Q: How to add extensions to your account?

A: Here is a quick video of how to add extensions to your SalonScale account:

HubSpot Video

Q: What is the average mark-up for extensions?

A: Depending on the brand of extensions you work with, you may have a set markup rate you are required to charge. We recommend at least 10% but strongly recommend 25%. This markup will cover the cost of shipping, the time it takes you to order and manage the hair, taxes, the space the hair takes up in your salon, replenishing your extension stock and the time it takes for an extension consultation if you are not already charging for that. We are also aware that any course/certification taken to provide this service can cost anywhere from $400-$5000 so you need to ensure that you are not losing money providing this service.