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Adding Products To My Account

Help with adding brands, adding prices, and adding markup.

Q: I don’t see my product line in the dashboard: 

A: Don’t see your color line? 

Learn how to add them by watching this video:


Still having issues? Send us a message at info@salonscale.com and we'll help you out! 

Q: Is the cost for each brand already displayed when I add my product lines in?

A: SalonScale requires you to enter in your unique pricing to ensure you have the most accurate data. We do have default pricing for some of the color lines, but since there are differing prices for different regions/distributors etc., we aren’t able to have standard wholesale prices programmed. We highly recommend adjusting the default prices to your pricing to ensure accuracy. 

If you're interested in getting the product lines and client list set up for you, consider purchasing our setup fee ($149 USD), where we set up your initial color lines and costs for you along with your existing clients. Info can be found here or send us a note at info@salonscale.com. 

Q: What’s the average mark-up for color? 

A: While the markup is optional and at the discretion of each account, we recommend 100% markup.