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Learn how to track and charge for your addons including supplies, treatments and any other additional costs!

Q: What are Addons?

A: Anything from foils, gloves, shampoo or even coffee. You can completely customize which products you would like to add! You can even create service bundles (Example; Full Highlight Bundle: Foils, Shampoo, Conditioner). Addons are the smaller costs that go into any salon service that you likely are not tracking and often times, you and your business are losing money on.

Q: What are the benefits of Addons in your SalonScale account? 

A:When you are calculating all of the costs that go into a salon service, you have a  better understanding of the smaller costs that add up overtime. With this knowledge you can properly charge for them while keeping up with inflation each year. Knowing all the numbers in your business ensures you are always profitable and encourages you to set and attain goals. Instead of estimating that you are covering your costs with the markup, you are adding the actual cost of supplies which ensures your costs are covered.

Q: How do you add these Addon products to your account?

A: Here is a quick video of how to create addons in your SalonScale account:


HubSpot Video

Q: Do I add on a markup for the Addon products?

Rather than adding a markup to these products, we recommend rounding up the nearest dollar when adding these items into your account. For example: If gloves cost you $1.60 per service, you would round that number to $2 per service.