Common Scale Questions

Learn about our bluetooth-compatible SalonScale scale.

Q: How come my app and scale are reading different numbers?

1.     Check which taring preference you are in:

      • Click “Profile” in the bottom right corner, then click “Settings”.
      • Automatic Tare turned ON: The scale will display the total weight of all products for each session and the app will display the individual weight of each product. 
      • Automatic Tare turned OFF: The app and scale will both show the individual weight of each product. Ensure you are pressing the “tare” button on the scale between each product poured.

2.     Ensure your scale is on a flat, hard surface. The scale reads from a sensor in all four corners of the scale. Having it on an uneven surface (eg. towel, non-sturdy surface) may reduce the accuracy of the scale.

Q: What kind of batteries does the scale need? 

A: AAA batteries (four to be exact!)

Q: Can I measure in grams or ounces?

A: Yes, you can measure in either! Tap the "unit" button on your scale to change to your desired measurement unit, either grams or fluid ounces. Your mobile app will read whichever unit your scale is measuring in.

Q: How do I purchase an add-on SalonScale compatible bluetooth scale?

A: If you are interested in purchasing a scale, shop our scales here or send an email to and they will process the order and send you a confirmation email when it's been shipped. 

Q: I ordered a scale - how long will it take to arrive?

A: Scales typically take 7 business days to arrive within North America. For those outside North America, this may take a couple weeks.

Q: Can I have multiple scales?

A: Absolutely! The scales will work on proximity, so they will pick up the signal of whichever device (iPad/smartphone) is closest to them. 

Q: Does SalonScale have more than one color of compatible scales?

A: Yes! We have 4 different colors of scales to choose from including; Magnificent Midnight Blue, Savvy Black, Just Peachy and Lovely Lavender! You can shop for your choice of scale here!