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How do I use voice command?

Learn how to manage your bowls with your voice instead of using manual entry or with our SalonScale Bluetooth Scale.

How to use it:

  1. Open the SalonScale mobile app
  2. When managing a bowl, simply select the microphone to activate voice command. 
  3. Say the numbered amount and unit for the highlighted product (i.e., say '30 grams').
  4. To go to the next product, say 'Next' 
  5. To go to the previous product, say 'Previous' 
  6. If you want SalonScale to stop listening, say 'Stop', and if you want SalonScale to start listening again, tap 'Start Listening' 
  7. When you have entered all your product amounts, you can say 'Save' to save all the measurements and dismiss the screen


Here are the voice commands you can use: