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Inventory Management

Q: How do I enter my current inventory amounts?

A: With SalonScale, we do not use a traditional "min and max" inventory management system. Rather, we focus on real-time usage. In other words, you will have both a "product report" as well as the ability to generate a suggested re-order list, based on what has been used to eliminate both over and under-ordering.

Q: How can I use SalonScale to help with my color orders?

A: Our order feature will use the information provided in your product report and provide you with a PDF list of what you should reorder based on how much of your product has been used, which is editable by the admin and exportable to send to a distribution rep, or simply use as a "shopping list", when you head to the supplier.


Q: How do I create an Order Form?

A: At SalonScale we know how busy stylists are and we want to make ordering your color an easy task. No more ripping tabs and saving caps! 

Here is a step-by-step video on how to Create an Order Form.

  • To create a new Order Form go to your webdash and select "Orders".
  • Next select the "+ Order" in the top right corner.
  • From there you select the product sensitivity (how much of a tube you have used) and the date range. Then select "Apply".
  • Select the brands you would like to create an order form for and simply create your order!
  • You can also add products or adjust the amount of tubes you order from this page and it will give you an estimated total based on your wholesale cost. 
  • Once you download this form, you can email it to your rep or simply use it as a shopping list when you go to your distributor!