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Inviting a Stylist to your Team Account

Learn how to invite a stylist to your team account, either by text message or email.

It’s easier than ever to invite a stylist to join your #SalonScaleMovement.

Learn how to add stylists to your team account by watching this video:


Based on the information you have on hand, you may choose to invite a stylist by SMS or by Email.

Both options follow the same steps:

  1. You provide some basic information* about the stylist, which we’ll use to generate the invitation.
  2. The stylist will receive a personalized invitation, prompting them to complete their profile and registration.
  3. Once registered, the stylist will be asked to download our app in order to get started today.

*phone numbers provided are never stored and only used for the invitation.

Q: How do I invite by text message (SMS)?

A: All you have to do is enter your stylist’s phone-number. Within minutes they’ll receive a personalized text message inviting them to join SalonScale. After the stylist enters some personal information, they’ll be prompted to download our app - allowing them to get started today.

The phone number you provided will never be stored or re-used for any purpose beyond the initial invitation.


Q: How do I invite by email? 

A: Depending on the information you have on your stylists, you may choose a more classic approach to inviting them.  

Prefill the stylist’s name, and email address to kick off the invitation. Once the stylist receives their invitation email, they’ll be asked to complete their profile by providing us with a password. At which point, their registration is complete, and they’ll be asked to download our app in order to start tracking their costs.